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Cliosport Christmas Meal !!

We need to guage the interest in a possible christmas meal at the strawberry fields in southend early December (where we usally meet).

Post here if you mght be interested.

Costs and dates to be advised......

John & Clare

Hi all yes i am also thinking of a saturday night early to mid december

I am waiting for the menus and i am only looking for a genral idea of how many people would be interested

ps, if ure log on name is different from ure real name please could u add that as well


John, in theory I am interested (and my g/f probably isnt) but it just depends on when it is - I get pretty busy around Xmas.

Hi all
this is not definate at the moment i am onlt trying to get an idea of the amount of people who may b interested

i would give a date if i could but untill the pub can give me any details i am unable to do so but as soon as i find out a final list will then be drawn up and then u may confirm weather u whish to attend

thanx john

slugger i will how have to charge u for the extra body now that u have included the head coz as u well know this meal is priced as per head !!!!