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ClioSport.Net Driving Attendance Disclaimer

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ClioSport Admin
Cliosport.Net Driving attendance Disclaimer

Please note that anyone attending driving meets (or meets whereby there is driving from one location to another) organised on ClioSport.Net are taking part of their own accord and agreement. The event is not a race or rally and should not be viewed as such. All attendees are responsible for their own safety and actions and are expected to drive with due regard for other road users. Any other club/affiliate associated with any event, will not be held responsible for any damage or injury to people or property during the driving meet. It is assumed that everyone has adequate insurance, road tax and licenses.

The laws that govern UK roads should be adhered too at all times.

CAUTION – You may come across other road users, please treat them with respect. Ideally treat them as you'd like to be treated yourself. Dangerous or irresponsible drivers will be asked to leave the driving meet/event immediately for their own safety and the safety of others.
Not open for further replies.