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'ClioSport' stand pass

  Formally Clio 182
Last minute panic session....

CS Stand Pass - Is this necessary?

Printer not working, but I have the stand pass from French Car Show which came with my ticket.

  Megane 225 F1
Just ask someone else to print off for you? I asked Bux to print mine as i dnot have a printer :(


It's not essential, it's purely to ensure that your car can be identified to your forum name.

Write something out and stick it on your dash?

Nik said:
This pass is important to us as we then know who you are and helps us identify the winners of any awards we have up for grabs this year It also helps people put names to faces (or at least cars!).
  GW 200T
Few i havnt got 1 either, So if i write my username and print it on a piece of A4 paper that will be fine yeah?
I just have the club numbe 3 that came with the tickets