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ClioSport Trackday - Number Plates

I know last time desmondo and maybe a couple of other mentioned about problems getting number plates made up just for the track day, well just thought Id put an offer up to anyone whos going to the track day to get the plates made at my friendly halfords (Well they aint said no to number plate requests yet)

So, any requests? (For trackday number plates that is )

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Still trying to think of something to make the car easily identifiable (for photos) whilst its screeching down the pit straight. Last time many of our photos turned out to be other red cars! I thought maybe a fluorescent green or orange strip of tape covering the front number plate.

Cant wait to see what other hot hatches turn up - a CTR showdown maybe? Or will there be Novas....

Roamer - how much they charge for a set? I would like desmondo - but I dont think itll fit - cause yer limited to 8 letters I think. So I guess Ill have to drop the mondo or the o!


I think mine were around £22 all in,

Im obviously missing something..... but aint desmondo 8 letters?


r-tec in st albans make up show plated therefore should be able to put anything on the plate, regaurdless of number of characters and legalities
  BMW 320d Sport

Better to go for plates that could actually be road legal numbers rather than totally made up showroom plates.

Ive got N1CK R, Wongys got W8NGY, Dave has D4VE G, Leigh I think got L31GH F made up.

Desmondo could be D35MND. Tricky cos its a long name.

Tony just got a wicked plate made up for the show: B40 CUO. With some totally illegal reforming and blanking of some parts of the letters you get BAD CLIO.