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Close shave

  Clio v6

Pulled up at traffic lights last night. Geezer next to me taps his window and shows his coppers badge and shouts this is a 40 zone dont forget.

Goes into petrol station a few yards further up the road and he follows me in. I thought oh shyte! , but he just said he didnt get a chance to see my car properly as I wizzed past him too quick ( I wouldnt call 110mph too quick? )

Anyways he asked me if it was a Williams? and said it looked fantastic ( oh and doesnt it go well )

Cheers mate and behave yourself he said and drove off.

Oh yes Sir and you have a nice day too!

man... and the coppers did me for doing 44mph in 30 zone!! GOD I HATE JERSEY :mad:

im off to parish hall now to see what they fine me.. or let me off.. wish me luck
  BMW 320d Sport

Dash I reckon its the Southend coppers mate. I remember a few months ago I was zooming in along that lovely bit of straight road from Hockley/Rochford down to the Tescos roundabout. Basically just doing some test runs in the middle of the night, setting up my ignition timing, nitrous flow rates etc. Anyway, every time I did a run, I would stop and try different settings which had to be done under the bonnet. So two coppers in a panda car drove past me, stopped turned around and came back and pulled up alongside. They asked if I was having any trouble (luckily I had just shut the boot so no nitrous bottle on display). So I couldnt exactly say I was doing test runs up and down the Queens highway so I pretended I was getting a misfire or something, and I didnt need any help Id have it fixed soon. The copper asked whether it was a Williams, and had I done anything to the engine. So I lied and said just a few cosmetic improvements, nothing major...

Anyway later on down at Tescos I bumped into them again as I was filling up with petrol! They pulled up and had a chat about cars and they obviously knew this was no standard Clio; in the end we go talking about 1/4 miling!

Joe - get Nick to PM you a spec list. I think the forum computer would have a meltdown due to the quantity of spec info Nick is about to write otherwise!;)

Quote: Originally posted by Captain Slarty on 12 November 2002

but, it IS standard, its just got a shot of nos (or HAD lol)...
Thats exactly the sort of comment that annoys people Joe - you are making a comment like that without having any idea of what modifications have been done in addition to the NOS, so why not keep your comments to yourself, or ask the person in question (in this case Nick) whether they have any other engine mods, and then make a constructive comment if you see fit....

lets just say without nos and back on propper not ... land of MASSIVE ... wheels. ud need your turbo conversion finished to win a race