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Cltuch Problem MK2 and more Renault Bullshit

Ive been experiencing hassle downshifting from 2nd to 1st after the I got stuck in 2nd gear after 3k (im now at 10K). It just wont move down smoothly if the car is still moving. When the car is stationery problem. ANyhow, dropped the car in under warranty two weeks ago and they gave it new gear oil..MORE CRAP from Renault. Gave the car back in and got their head mechanic to drive it with me in the car as he was trying to tell me it was normal to suffer resistence when moving from 2nd to 1st while the car is moving. F**Kin CR**P. He agreed the clutch was dodgy and I left the car in last week as i was off on holidays out of the country. Came back on Friday with a message on my phone saying they did nothing to the car as Renault told them not too!!! No other explanation. Now I have the car but the service area is closed until Monday.

Has anyone else got a new clutch or clutch work under waranty??

Tx, Sean
  Leon Cupra

All 3 Clios i have had have not gone into 1st when moving must just be some sort of weird Renault thing.


original MK1 clutches were dodgy (tend to burn out easy), but they were all changed later in MK1 life tot eh same as MK2, which are fine.

The box should snick into first @ a max of 2500rpm or so (unless you heel & toe) to avoid blowing the engine. It will always have resistance whe goin from 2nd to 1st, but you can do it.....dunno whats wrong with yours
  VW Potato

ok, Im not technical and this may be wrong but bear with is Clio related.

My Alfas gearbox and clutch are at the back of the car (engine at the front). A prop shaft runs from the engine at engine speed to the transaxle at the back. You simply cannot engage first or reverse unless the revs are at idle (prop shaft running at acceptable speed). When parking into spot & shuffling back and forth, this is a pain, but woe betide you if you get it wrong.

Now, the Clio - If you put it into first soon after coming to rest, you get the clonk; if you wait a few secs (for the revs to fall), you dont get the clonk. The same is true with reverse; rush it, and it baulks, be patient and engages perfectly.

So with my limited tech knowledge, I wondering if the Clio - even though it fwd - has a characteristic similar to the Alfa, in that it takes time for the drive to disengage fully because of some specific engine/clutch/gearbox set-up - any thoughts?


no, I dont believe so...

its simply that reno would not waste resources on a superb syncromesh system for 2nd - 1st !.

its not needed...

1st to second - yep..

but not the other way.

ps..what model alpha you got ?


Ok just back from Renault and the service people tell me that the car is normal (funny though, their head mechanic agreed with me that there was a problem last week). They are now telling me that you should never go from 2nd to 1st when the car is moving. Now,am I a sh*t driver or are they talking crap. When you are diving on a corkscrew climb (like the alps or other steep mountains) I have often driven between 1-2 and 2-1. Or how about approaching a red light. Do you drop into 1st as the car is coasting? I DO!
  VW Potato

sean, no. I will come to a halt in second say at a junction, then engage first only when the car has stopped. My driving instructor told me that going 2-1 puts strain on the box. I do believe this is the case - gear boxes should never be forced.

Its better practise to anticipate the traffic or road whenever possible and select the appropriate gear rather than rely on the box to sort you out. I know thats not always possible but theres no reason in normal driving why youd want to engage 2-1 when moving.

Joe - cheers mate



Joe what about driving uphill on a corkscrew? I know its not normal driving but the clio should handle it.

But, I will try and change my style on normal driving and see how I go. Maybe its time to take an another advanced driving course.


  Ford Focus 1.4 LX

I had a clutch worn out after 8400 miles on my mk2. Apparently there was a problem with the release springs not being strong enough, a known issue that Renault told me about, and this meant that when i released the clutch, it didnt release properly.

My 2nd clutch is showing exactly the same symptoms and is not feeling like it will last much longer and now im on 14500 miles.


I had a similar problem at 9000km, but mine was getting the 2nd gear in after accelerating hard in 1st... Ive even pulled the gearnob off on 2 occasions!

Renault first changed the gearbox oil but the problem persisted aftera couple of weeks so they took the gearbox apart and did some work on it under warranty.
Even after 2 visits the problem is still there but thankfully not to the extent of before.
I think there is an official paper by renault underlining this problem but im not sure if its relative to 2nd-1st gear changes.


Hi Dave.. which course have you done if you are looking to take another ??

seriously, the roadcraft manual (Institute of advanced driving bible) would actually dictate a double de-clutch in that circumstance. the ratio change from 2 - 1 is the worst for the box.. if you HAD to use a shift down in those circumstances, you can dip clutch, into neutral.. release clutch allowing the box to stabilize, then depress clutch again whilst matching revs to 1st gear requirement.. sounds complicated, but only take a fraction longer to do.

when approaching lights etc, use the brakes.. not the box..

get a copy of roadcraft - its a bloody good reference.