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Clunking noises from suspension

  White, Phase-Slow :)
Ok, lowered my 1.2 clio 60mm last week with a set of PI lowering springs. For the next few days i was driving around and noticed that wen my car is still or at a very slow speed and you turn the wheel, horrible clunking noises were coming from the front left side. After investigation ;) i found that i left out the ?spacer? on the front left suspension unit, so i put this back on. Now, every now and again i still hear those clunking noises coming from the front of the car. Any ideas of whats causing these noises?

The thing that i was calling a spacer is a small ring like thing that sat on top of the unit (Unsure if its called a spacer or if its something else). :S
  Ph1 track 172
spigot ring??

makes the centre bore fit properly?? but that shouldnt make any clunking,

did nothing seem out when assembling the strut??
and are the shocks bolted to the hub securely??
  White, Phase-Slow :)
im pretty sure its not a spigot ring. It sits at the top of the suspension strut; small metal ring with a smallish hole in the middle. Any ideas?