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Clunking noises from Suspension

  White, Phase-Slow :)
Ok, lowered my 1.2 clio 60mm last week with a set of PI lowering springs. For the next few days i was driving around and noticed that wen my car is still or at a very slow speed and you turn the wheel, horrible clunking noises were coming from the front left side. After investigation ;) i found that i left out the ?spacer? on the front left suspension unit, so i put this back on. Now, every now and again i still hear those clunking noises coming from the front of the car. Any ideas of whats causing these noises?

The thing that i was calling a spacer is a small ring like thing that sat on top of the unit (Unsure if its called a spacer or if its something else). :S
  '06 MK3 Clio 1.4L
Im also getting a similar problem with my dCi...

When stopped, if i turn the wheel theres a clicking sort of noise when near full lock...

No idea what it is but would be great if someone knows lol


ClioSport Club Member
I would imagine that if the suspesion is anything like my 182's then it will be your top mounts that are on their way out.
  clio 172 cup
:mad: any 1 no's why my clio 172 cup squeeks when on left full lock it it squeeks only on a bumpy road??? please help!!! some said it was the engine mounts had them checked not them :S