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Clutch on its way out?

  mk1 ph1 1.4 RT
Got a '94 1.4 RT, engine runs a dream even though it's got 130,000 miles on it. The clutch is a bit nasty though - it's driveable but a really heavy pedal, the biting point is stupidly high, and it takes some persuading before the clutch catches into place - it slips quite a lot as (after) you engage it, so the revs finally drop to the correct level and start climbing about a second after you take your foot totally off the pedal.

There's also a lovely THUNK as the clutch comes in - sometimes but not always.

If I floor it going up a hill, though, I can't make it slip.

Do you reckon my clutch is on its way out? Any idea how easy it is to change on a mk1 ph1 1.4? Help!




  BMW M3 & Williams 3
take it to a garage and ask them to adjust it for you, cost less than a tenner..