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ClioSport Club Member
  Mk2 clio 1.2 16v POW
hi everyone,

I am just wondering if the natural biting point of the clio 1.2 16v clutch is high ?

My new car has done 119k but a new clutch was fitted less than 10k ago by previous owner.

The gear change is incredibly smooth and never misses a change and tried the setting off in fourth stalling test and stalled ok and does not slip at all when in high gear going up hills etc.

Can the biting point or cable have any adjustment as my wife is finding very hard to get clutch control and stalls constantly. It seems the very last part of the pedal coming up it releases quicker making it harder for her to control.

I noticed also on a day I do alot of miles the pedal gets stiffer and stiffer is this normal ?

Many thanks


ClioSport Club Member
Normal, they have a very high bite point which is usually confused as a clutch on the way out. The cable is auto adjusted at the pedal so no adjustment, if its getting stiff it could be worth putting a clutch cable on it. I've had them get creaky