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Cobra Alarm/imobiliser help

  FTO GPX 2.0 V6

I have a Cobra alarm and imobiliser installed in my car (was there when I got it) I have no manual or paperwork and do not know which model it is. To unlock the door I press the large button on the key fob, which also switches off the imobiliser. To look the door I press the large button and then the smaller button switches the alarm on. I think its an older verson of the below (I have the imobiliser bit on my keys also). It has started to lock and then unlock the car on the press of one button and other little random things. I know that one of the fobs wasn't working so bought a new battery today. Now the little light on the fob is permanently on and when I go to the car and press the button nothing happens. Does anyone know if the battery dies and is replaced do you have to do anything to get it working again?

I am a bit concerned that if the battery went on the one I use every day I don't have a spare to use and if I change the battery then it will have simular probs to the non working spare.

Does anyone know anything about these?? help!!