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cobra reclining question

  EK9 + Mfactory gearing..
the original seats in my 16v have an arm at the bottom which once pulled moves the seat, reclining it instantly. having just bought some daytonas they dont seem to have this, do the daytonas work with this arm? or is it that the daytonas only recline using the dials on the bottom of them? never fitted seats before & thought id ask the question before i waste £ on subframes, as i really need instant access to the back seats, am i missing the obvious? :rolleyes:


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
you could only do it buy either moving the seat forward on its runners..... or winding the seat forward.... well thats how they worked in my cup......

instant access to the back hey..... ;)
  EK9 + Mfactory gearing..
thats what i figured m8, i need instant access! retailers charge £260 each for these seats & they dont even work properly, pfft!