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Coilover decision

  Stripped yozza'd cup
I can't say I've ever heard of lowtec, but the Germans always make good stuff. The v-maxx are really only for looks, apparently they're far too soft for any series use, although I havent driven with them myself.

I'd go with the lowtec ones, just because they're german.
  clio sport 172
or the third choice would be it would be :
1. V-Maxx
2. Lowtec
3. Weitec
anyone who has them, any comment is welcome.
  clio sport 172
I can't now decide between V-MAXX and LOWTEC H9.3.
I see that many members have V-MAXX coilovers, so how low can i go on a 172, how hard is it, how is the quality, is it made from stainless steel or...any info is welcome
  Ph1 track 172
tbh, you're juggling between budget coilovers.
i wouldnt expect too much from either tbh, handling may well suffer as a result,
especially if you dont get them set up properly.

personally id go for the V-Maxx because as said, ive never heard of the other ones.


ClioSport Club Member
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172 lowtec coilovers are 139 euros??? where do i buy them from!?
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Both Weitec and AP coilovers are part of the KW group; they're very good for the price imo.

Of those you've posted in this thread, I'd definitely go for the Weitec.