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Coilovers worth much?

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I have a set of coilovers on a clio in the yard, its going to scrap and obviously they're worth something.

Not sure on brand, they are fairly dirty but still working ok. Whats a base price for a set of used coilovers?
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No, dont think i've seen one. They're off this:

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Right, I've got them off, removed surface rust and spayed with zinc matt black to help stop further surface rust. Dampener operation is fine, top mount bearing are fine etc.

The only thing I can see wrong with them is that upper hub bolt holes on each coilover have been made a little bigger. I assume someone has done this so they can have a bit of camber. I don't mind welding washers onto each coilover to get the holes back to normal, although I can't see it being a problem if they are tightened up properly anyway.

Each coilover has a split in each gaitor, yet again this is nothing to worry about.

Also, nearly forgot to add, they are AVO coilovers. The car does not have adjustable rear shocks and the rear shocks have no markings/stickers to state that they are aftermarket.

I'm on my blackberry at the moment so I'll upload pictures when I get home :)

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And pics of the hole extensions (which i can happily sort out for a buyer)


So, whats they worth? :D
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Doesn't look like the guy who wanted them actually want them, pm'd himbut no reply.

What do you guys think is a reasonable price so i can get these up in the for sale section?
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i'm sure i replied to this thread. no good to me mate, i need 54mm spacing, not 52mm. if you post it up on clio16valver forum, they should sell straight away