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Cold Cathodes in seat wells

Hey guys,

Anyone know how to connect the cold cathodes (pc ones) to power them. I got a two seats of two. Each for the foot wells.

Dunno where best to connect them to. Also, cable is very do i extend it? With what kinda wire?

Cheers all :D

Just extend it with any wire capable of taking 12v like speaker wire or just about any wire. Wire them to the headlights so they come on when they do. Be proper carefull too cos the b******s break easy

Quote: Originally posted by 1.6 16v on 30 March 2005
cos the b******s break easy

thats an understatement

Quote: Originally posted by Bryan on 30 March 2005

stick them on a switch front he dash which is wired to the battery?
lol......bloody hell. I have no idea what your trying to say here.

Connect all cathodes together into 2 wires. Then have 2 wires from battery. One on positive, one on neutral. Positive wire put an inline fuse box in (5amp fuse should be ok I think), then wire straight to the positive wire for the cathodes. On the neutral / earth wire, put in a switch. can be a push switch or the most common being the rocker switch. Then from the other terminal on the switch, connect it to the wire on the neutral battery wire.