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Colshe motors new company van

Trader Rating - 100%
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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
good choice daniel. rapid deliveries now.

M5 heid said:
It has to go im affraid i have a urge for a m5 E60.

This is a animal full stop its light rwd and really hard work on full chat

920 miles since built/converted

A1 Rallyesport Prepared Shell
Mountune built engine.
Every nut and bolt new in it.

based on a mk6 fiesta van
Rwd using ALL NEW parts looks like new underneath.


Engine spec
Mountune High Compression Engine
Air Injectors
Grey Injectors
Group A Coil
Motorsport Custom Loom
Long Studded
Oil Squirt Modifications
Mountune Cams
Ported head
200 block of course
T34 .63 maram shaftted turbo
Fully Aeroquiped and kevelar lines all throughtout.
Vernier pullys
Mongoose Exhaust
new rebuilt diff
rebuilt gearbox with Quickshift
Rs500 Cooler
P8 Ecu live mapped by Street racers
Anti lag
Proper Anti Lag Valve
044 pump

Full new respray in white
not a mark/dent in sight
Underneath is like new you can eat dinner of it.

all new 2wd cosworth running gear brakes etc

SPA DASH with Oil Pressure/Oil Temp/Boost/Water Temp
which is really nice and looks like stock.
Fiesta ST Interior
Battery behined passenger seat
Fuel Cell in back holds 70L
All nearly new tyres
Team Dynamic Lightweight 17" alloy wheels
Omp Steering wheel and motorsport boss

all goodridge aeroquip fittings everywhere few thousand alone spent on these,specially made alloy pas breather and header tank,alloy rad an 500 cooler,the engine has lots of annodised billet aluminium including alternator bracket pas bracket,filler cap fuel rail pullys etc etc,full 3 inch exhaust,antilag,poly bushed throughout
new t5 box with short shift and twin plate hydraulic clutch,new 7 an half inch rear diff,new shafts,braided brake lines,new discs calipers etc
SPA dash which has lots of features including boost pressure oil tem oil pressure water temp fuel etc etc
the van itself is immaculate and has st front and rear bumpers.
at the moment it is in 2wd application
registration read FESSA which is apropriate

MOT 5 months iirc
Tax runs out next week

the list goes on.

its been built to a high standard and has been done superb

This is stupid quick and maybe to quick for the type of car being as its light
Still Zetec S on logbook.

Bad points
not really any

could do with a pipe to vent fuel out of car as it can smell of petty a bit but only a 10min job.

when cold the exhaust from joint has a slight blow but ok after 10mins might sort this out before buying.

bulkhead hasnt been painted at the back but dont really notice it.

No stupid offers or swapping your step mums dogs bed with it etc etc

cost 35k+ to build.