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Comparing Speed - 106 GTi vs 172

I have a mate who has a 106 GTi on a S Plate with PiperX and full Magnex exhaust, thinking about having a side by side dash along a bypass to see how quick my 172 is against another hot hatch, should the 172 come out on top ? If so, by how much ? It is not a race I just want to compare the speed of the two.

You never know with those things! I came up aginst a 106 Gti, standard looking with the normal exhaust, and it was virtually as quick as my Integra. I was duly impressed!

statisticly speaking you should beat him convincingly.. but in the real world we all know it is down to the driver ..although it will take some good drivig skill to beat a 172 in a 106 gti

He is a mate of mine, younger than me (21) but he does like his cars. It is a nice looking Pug actually and I know my car is still tight because it has only done 750 miles so it should be close I reckon, I am still getting used to the 172 in everyway but I am very interested to see the two line up side by side.
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From a standing start probably not that much but get it above 30mph and the 172 should clearly be ahead

0-100 in about 21 secs compared to 17.2 (both Autocar figures)
  mk2 172

"thinking about having a side by side dash along a bypass", "its not a race"

what is it then!


OK Craggy, it is not a competitive race in terms of I dont care if I lose because I know it will be down to me or because the car is stiff, I want to see what my car is capable of, that is all. You could say it is a race but not a competitive one. You know what I mean !

A full 3+ seconds to 100, would his mods make much difference ? He quotes 0-60 in 7.2 ?

my sister has a 106 gti and to be honest im surprised at how quick it is against my clio, brought the cars in the same week and have similar milage on them of about 4.5k if we go for a little sprint on the local A and B roads i normally get infront and stay there but when we get to a twisty bit the pug actually catches my clio a little. i can never seem to lose it unless im on a motorway doing silly speeds. i know people will say it is down to the drivers but we have swapped rides a number of times and the results are the similar.
great little car IMHO but wouldnt swap my clio 4 1 even with the headache that seem to come with owning a reno.



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Well, I had a 106 GTi and my mate has a mk1 172 and we raced them a couple of times, both on "private roads" and on a track.

In a drag style race from a standing start the 106 will be pretty close up until the 106s redline in 3rd then the 172 will just pull away due to its greater power & torque as the speed rises.

However, introduce some corners into the equation and it evens things up a bit.

To be fair, a 1.6 with 120bhp vs a 2.0 with 172bhp is hardly fair, but youd be surprised at how well the 106 uses that power!

According to Evo, the 106 GTi is 0-60 in 7.4secs, compared to 6.6secs & 7.1secs for the mk1 & mk2 Clio, so not too shabby, but its top end where the Clio wins hands down.

Mine was modded and running 141.3bhp @ fly when I last had it RRd, so was pretty quick and I could really give my mates 172 a run for its money. We did a trackday and it was only down the long straights where he had any advantage. In my opinion the mk1 172 is geared too long and the ratios on the 106 were much better, so always kept it in the power band.

Only downside with the 106 is that you need to rev the nuts off it to get it to go as there is not much low end torque, but hey it was fun!

Still, I loved that car and wish I hadnt sold it!

With regard to gear ratios, didnt I see someone post that the MKII 172 gear ratios were closer to compensate for the extra weight to match performance ?


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Yeah, I also beleieve the ratios and/or final drive ratio may be closer on a mk2.
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I need a new gear box for my 172, it crunches in 3rd really badly all the time. Ive raced a saxo VTS many times and once we get onto a dual carriage way, i just disappear into the sunset. I even did it in my dads Golf 1.8 turbo golf! needless to say, the vts driver was not pleased...

According to the tests evo did the mk2 172 does 0-100 in 20secs, the 106Gti a touch over 22secs..there wont be an awful lot in it and most will be down to driver skill/daring/luck!

If you look at the mk1 tests the car did 0-100 in 17.9 secs. But out on the road 4 seconds doesnt look two big of a difference.

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my mates got a 106 gti we race all the time theres absolutely nothing in it apart from when you get into silly speeds but that doesnt happen very often, i was surprised as the book to 60 time for a 106 is 8.4 secs but its quicker than that, i thinkl were goin to buy an AP-22 to comfirm times if any1s interested i live in the north west should be interesting!
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Ive got Mk2 172 and I ran a 0-100 test with an AP-22 with Joe-(Captain Slarty) and me in the car. Managed a 17.4 Other Mk2s were doing well under 20 secs too, most were about 18ish....