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Complete ipod incar solution for Pioneer!

  Renaultsport Mégane R26

Hi all,

Just thought id let everyone know about Pioneers latest adapter for their range of headunits with IBUS connection (basically, all Pioneer headunits from the last 5 years). Ive had an iPod for ages and wanted to connect it to my Pioneer heaunit in the car. Originally I thought the best way to do it was via a 3.5mm cable which runs to the heaunits CD changer input. However, I found out about the Pioneer CD-IB100 system. Its basically a control box which is hidden away under the centre console (very stealth so that no-one can even see it), from this control box, a wire has been run straight into the glovebox, upon connection to an iPod, a cool Pioneer logo appears on the iPods screen... But the best thing has to be from there on in, you can listen to your iPod through your headunit as an external input. In addition, the iPod is being charged in the glovebox and the iPod can be fully controlled from the headunit itself (being able to flick through songs/playlists etc). Finally, just to let you know that all the names (of Songs/Artists) all appear on the headunit display as well! Sound quality is perfect too.

So as the title suggests, this is the complete iPod solution... Bye bye rubbish sounding iTrip!

Yeah thats cool, im buying an alpine set and the head unit works with an Ipod but you need to buy the control box thing which is what £70? Well worth it, saves buying cds and having to change them everytime you want a different selection.
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let us know if its really slow scrolling through music on the ipod when linked to the pioneer. I have mine linked to an Alpine and its a real pain in the backside.

It takes ages if you;ve got a lot of stuff on your ipod