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considering buying 19 16V

  206 1.4 16v sport

any opinions - mani problems to look for (other than usual rust etc.)

will be a phase 1 91/92 J reg -

are they woth getting as a run around ?

any 19V forums to look at ?

ave got a 19 16v phase 1, had it for 1 month an its blown a cooling hose £68.70 from renault dealer part only ave been told and also the head gasket went the other nite gonna be about 150 quid to get that sorted. failing that nice car fast (140mph chipped, filter, mongoose zort) handles well an looks nice.

dunno if am keepin mine mite get the head gasket done an flog it am thinkin R5 GTT. <<<< pics of mine on there i think lol