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Console friends

  Octy VRS
I've made a few console mates through a few games. Someone you randomly hook up with and have a really good few games etc. Usually fine.

However tonight I had someone I played Battlefield 1943 with, good game etc. He asked to be friend, accepted....10 seconds later.

"Can you share your PSN games with me?"

"no, I don't know you"

"I do not want make what with your account, I will only load the games from you, not more"

"um, no, f**k off" ..delete..

Anyone else had the same thing? f**king pikeys, buy your own.
  Octy VRS
I've been on there since the start though, never had it before. Pissed me off, cheeky f**k.
  Astra Bertone Coupe
Av had it n av only had the Ps3 for about 4 months. Just put it down to people being di*kheads really !