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  Mini Cooper S JCW

right some1 has just mentioned to me that i should know about the coolant on a clio......its not just normal water/anti freeze, u have to get some special stuff from reno??? that right??

if so how much are we talking??? and how much is the normal stuff?

Cheers, Marc
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Renault do sell it, and i think it might be ready mixed with water, but as long as you get the right type, others will be fine

i think there are 2 types of coolant, somethin like ethyl glycol or summat, and another

Coolant is normal as far as I know in a 16-Valve. Look out for leaks from around the radiator - like the bleed screw. I had a little leak at the bleed screw and a cracked header tank, but a little Radweld and a new tank have worked wonders.

Gotto get antifreeze that is OK for alloy radiators as the 16v one is alloy.

Mustnt contain some kind of substance (i forget now). Mix it 50/50 with water and youll be fine.