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Corsa 1.8 SRi scalped

  mk2 172

had one touching my bumper tonight 4 ages nearly blinding me, i knew he was gonna go to overtake so i let him go for it and as he was coming past i floored it, soon quenched his extra speed then pulled away leaving him red-faced on the wrong side of the road. tut tut

i did this to a skoda turbo constantly until he just dropped off and gave up. 106 quicksilver tried doing the same too, what was this dick thinking off !!! did not even bother changing down for him !!!!!


hehe, I have been having fun in mine, toasted a Volvo T5 within 5 mins of picking my car up from the garage, (He started it first!) then a day later got a rather suprised look off an Alfa 147 owner who was left rather embarrased in front of his missus when he tried it on, again from a standing start from some lights onto a dual carriageway near me. hehee, I LOVE IT!!!