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Corsa 'D' VXR Nurburgring Edition

Had this for nearly Two weeks so i thought i'd stick some pictures up. Yes its a Vauxhall and Yes its Corsa, but the VXR Brand appeals to me quite somewhat and Vauxhall do make some cracking cars with the resources they've got.

VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr

VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr

VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr

VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr

VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Pretty much immaculate having only 14.5k at the time of purchase and FVSH having its 4th Service done before i picked it up, the Interior even smells new inside!

The only optional extra's this 'Burg has got are AFL's and rear Privacy Glass, the AFL's are amazing, really are!

Interior by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Interior by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Recaros by Michael Smith, on Flickr

'Burg by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Nice standard Engine 'Bay, no silly coloured Hoses etc!

Engine by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Engine by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Engine by Michael Smith, on Flickr

Brembo Brakes by Michael Smith, on Flickr

So when i get some free time the Alloys will be coming off and i will be giving the Arches, B12's and Brembo's a good clean up! along with the Gearbox Oil change as i've read its vital for these!

Also i checked the Tyres, the Rears are around 4.2-4.3mm across the Tyre on both sides and the Front's are 2.5mm-ish across on both sides at 14.5k, seems quite hard wearing Tyres or its had an easy life this 'Burg so far! also set the Tyre Pressures to 38F & 34R.


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Looks good, just every Vauxhall I've ever driven the steering is far to light with no feedback what so ever. Saying that never driven a VXR, how does it drive?


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Really, really like these Corsa VXRs. Are the AFLs xenons or halogens? I would imagine you get a lot of second looks with that colour!
Lovley car, Bilstein shocks as well from memory? These were seriously expensive new!
Yeah Bilstein B12 setup, although i'am not sure if the one's fitted to the Nurburgring are any different to the ones you can buy online. The RRP was something like 22k-ish and that was before any options got added!

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To answer a few questions, the AFL's on the Corsa are Halogens and the optional AFL's on the Astra 'H' are Xenons. The Steering feel is pretty poor as most modern cars, no better or worse than the Mk7 Fiesta ST i had before this, but the way the car is setup i 'feel' i have more connection to whats going on.

Its definatly a older feeling Hot Hatch, which i really like so far, quick raw, the Drexler LSD is quite an agressive 'Diff but its not pulling all over the place, finding ruts in the road etc like the Mk1 Focus RS used to get panned for in the Magazines.

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The Colour is called Chilli Orange and its so much better looking in real life, its quite hard to photograph though, they also did Grasshopper Green, White and Black on these Nurburgrings.

From memory it set an 8:34** at the Nurburgring which IMO is impressive considering it had Conti's and not stickier PSS's or a dedicated Track Tyre, there was talk of these bullying a Megane 250/265 Cup at the press lauch back in the day according to the forums, wether thats true or not. Found a video on YouTube, quite decent to watch.

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I had one of these in white from factory with every option, good car but i got bored quick, the engine is just so shite without going forge, and the m32 box is made of choccy, they do look great but 55mph in second was a let down!


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Really like these, and think they're the best looking version! Newer ones are a bit awkward...


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yep.. these can bully a meggy for sure. ! These can bully astra VXRs as well!

not sure how much these are now but they were more expensive than a meg 250 cup the last time i looked.
This was up for £10750, which i thought was pretty decent for the mileage, condition its in. I did look at 250 Cup's brifely but none that i fancied had Recaro's or in Sport Yellow in low'ish miles.

I'am nicely suprised at how much praise as the speak this has got on this Forum and Pistonheads. I know Vauxhall isn't the most loved brand, but the Performance versions, more so the VXR brand for me has something that attracts me to it, and they do make a good car.

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Always fancied a Corsa VXR, infact almost sold the Clio for a Forged one running 270bhp on a Ko4

Couple of things always put me off - Reliabilty and Handling

Reliability with the 4th piston and gearbox, but I think that's down to neglect as much as anything

Handling from what I've read and heard is pretty poor, but I'm sure the Nurburgring edition with the Bulsteins and Diff is a lot better!

Be interesting to know how people find these compare with a Clio 200?
  Cup In bits
I enjoyed my VXR, it was plagued with an overboost fault (made it faster) which turned out to be a vacuum pump, had everything swapped for new on that except the engine and box pretty much through warranty.

Get yourself OPC front grilles, it slaps the Halfords right out of them IMO.

Winter mode for boarding.



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Do quite like these but they just scream chav to me.

What kind of power do they make standard?


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Regular oil changes will keep the M32 box sweet. It's the bearings that go in them.

Fuchs Titan 75w90 is decent or Valvoline TDL SynPower 75w-90.
Regular oil changes will keep the M32 box sweet. It's the bearings that go in them.

Fuchs Titan 75w90 is decent or Valvoline TDL SynPower 75w-90.
I'am aiming to do an 'Box Oil change eveytime i do an Oil Service or is that abit much? i do understand these M32 'Boxes ain't the best.

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Love the front end on these much more than my 57 plate . Don't think I could own a standard one however mine could be a little quieter.

Yours does look very nice.
After having a nightmare with the Locking/Wheel Nuts, which was sorted thankgod! i can proceed to have some new Tyres as the Conti's on the front are pretty much dead. Decided to change all Four, so gone for 4x Michelin Pilot Super Sports to be put on this Saturday trough Tyres on the drive, really can't wait to go to Wales for a proper good drive to get used to the car :D


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I hate these. I don't know why, I just don't like how they look, and how they're typically driven.

Just my opinion, as long as you're happy with it then that's all that matters! Does look clean though :)