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could someone explain to me

(because im not a technical person when it comes to car... computers maybe but cars.. .no) how the clio cup series cars that i am reading about on the renaultsport website, can do 0 - 100 in about 10 seconds ???

they have them same engine as the 172? a few more bhp and then some wicked gearbox.. (from what i have read)

how does this equate to such blistering performance.. and can i have one for my car please ?

no, seriously though.. please explain, i am intrigued...

If you think about it, the weight of the cars must be so much less than the road going versions because they are totally stripped out arent they ? Also, I am sure I read a post on here that stated all of the mods that are made to the series engines so that combined with the less weight means it goes like it does.

the weight would help i know but still they are bloody quick

it does say about the weight on that wasnt a huge difference.... or maybe i misread it...

It doesnt have air con, passenger seats, interior linings and most of the interior dashboard, spare wheel and it doesnt even have any lights. There must be a good weight difference but the engine mods must make the difference.

The gearbox is the main difference - you just keep your foot to the floor and change up sequentially with no clutch - this saves shed loads of time, and also I believe the cup cars rev to about 9000 rpm..... this combined with the massively reduced weight and mods makes it a slight amount quicker!!

P.S. They are amazing to drive - I drove one of the 2 seat versions with the instructor as my passenger and it was absolutely amazing!!

the way the sadev unit is also manufactured in a way that it uses very little of the engines power (i.e low transmission losses)....basically that is, there is no science to the car.

i used to hate the theory of saequential boxes as i felt it took the skill out of driving.
But since i started using them about 4yrs ago, its deffo the best thing you can cust huge amounts of time off you lap as you can shift mid corner and makes the most beautiful noies!

ok, the clio cup racer (which I think you are referring to...

the engine is the same as a 172.. it has a rev limit apx the same - certainly NOT 9000 the cams are the same.. the exhaust is basically the same with a race cat, the induction is modified..

the increase in performance comes from removing everything !

the clio cup for jos public is about as far removed from the cup racer as the std 172 is.

there ya go..
  CTR EK9 turbo

not to mention the mucho expensive magnetti marrelli ignition. Think how long it takes you to change gear, now half that time, and then some more. The car now shifts like a motorbike (gears). Also, I presume those times were done using warm racing slicks (better grip off the line!?)