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Could someone help me please (lights)

  Clio 1.2
I have got a Dynamique Clio and I do alot of night time driving and the normal headlights were really poor that I honestly did not feel safe down the back roads. I went on to purchase a HID kit (8000k) and the man told me it was white and it was a horrible bright blue and worse than before.

Could someone help me on what to get? I want every bulb upgraded for the brightest output.. I dont care what they cost aslong as they are not a horrible blue colour.


ClioSport Club Member
Bin the HID kit, they are pants and illegal.

Get xenon headlights from a 172/182 or some decent bulbs like ring automotive 120% or osram night breakers

8000k is very blue. 4300k is standard xenon bulb colour. When I see someone with an HID kit that blinds me I blind them straight back.
  Clio 1.2
Will the whole 172 unit fit straight in then? I'm new to all this but someone told me they have projector lights?


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
I would upgrade to some good bulbs along the lines of Osram Nightbreakers in the standard headlights or fork out and buy some 172/182 xenon head lights at around £200 which is a plug and play and are 100 times better IMO
  clio dci , ren8
First question is what state are your headlight glasses /covers in ? if they are fogged up this will cause poor light
  172RS, 320i, Forte
even stock clio bulbs are not that bad, in your shoes i'd check first the following points:

1- head lights glass is it crystal clear or went yellow and scratched
2- your reflectors are still bright or became rusty
3- is there any water vapour or fog inside your headlights
4- your headlights are properly aimed or aimed up or down a bit and needs re-aiming
5- your bulbs go for night breakers 4300k or 5000k

if all this is ok you will have sufficient lights :)