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Could this be the new clio

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I like the look of that, much better alloys, still a lot of black placstic trim to get messed up with polish ooppss!

Am I missing an option or something that results in a lack of pictures. It may be the net settings here at work........ehm, I mean home....honest!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Theyve done a Subaru on the lights and made them a bit more chunky rather than triangular as on the Mk 2 new Clios.

I am pretty sure the picture is either the new megane or a blueprint type drawing of it - look at the ugly tail end. I saw one at Renault today - They look fine from the front but are grim from the rear.

Its gonna be really difficult for anyone to mod them though, some have 17" inch wheels as standard but the tyres are 205/55s!!! (whats the point I ask?)- and there is about 3-4 inches of space between the tyre and arches too!!

You could probably fit 21-23" wheels on with NO trouble. great.......