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Couple of pics of my RB 182 cup

  RB182cup&golf gti
Had this car nearly ten years now (seems like 5 minutes) and it doesn't come out
very often hence the low mileage. Thought I'd give it a quick clean and a run
out today as the sun was shining, and decided to take a couple of pics as the
mileage when I returned home was on 21k exactly.

Car is standard apart
from RS192 and recently fitted Turinis. Still have the cup wheels with original
exalto tyres with quite a bit of tread




a pic of my other car which is awesome

  RB182cup&golf gti
Fair play great looking car.

St to 182 comparison ??
Not driven either hard enough to truly compare. ST with mountune effortlessly quick and feels so planted in corners and I think it's the quicker of the two. ST nicer to drive, gears very slick and love the turbo but ride a lot harsher than the Clio. Totally different cars really and love both.