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Couple of Pioneer Q's (TS-Q131C & TS-WX77A)...

  Clio 182
Hey all,

The component speakers (TS-Q131C), done a search and seem to be highly recommended as a nice easy swap, just a got a question re. the fitting...

Do you seriously need to take the dash off to fit the tweeters or can you 'pop' the tweeter meshing and fit that way!?! As they are like for like swap, and is the way i fitted them previously in me Twingo :)

Also, i need my boot for my job, but i'm wanting a bit more boom! I'm not wanting SPL level bass, just something with a bit of umph! Now i know, this will no way sound like an enclosed ported sub, but has anyone heard/fitted/recommend the TS-WX77A??

Cheers :)
  2001 Clio 172
Hey. I think you can just pop them out and replace. Atleast i hope so because i've already ordered some.

I duno about that enclosed sub but can you not just have a normal sub and tuck the amp in next to it? Or get one with a built in amp? Would still have a lot of space left. Put a grill over the sub so it wont get damaged.
you can just pop the grills off for the pioneer speakers as they are like-for-like

the sub your looking at will nowhere near be able to reproduce the frequencies of a normal sub,look at it more as an infill to take the strain off your current speakers when it comes to the bass they produce
  Clio 182
Cheers for the replies guys, will make fitting a lot easier!

Blighty, i need practically the whole boot space for me job, always off to construction sites and need to carry a lot of surveying gear (safety stuff, tripod, levels etc) so i need a sub that will take as least space as possible!

MT Audio, yea yea cheers! So is it not worth having any space saver sub at all, as they are all pretty much useless, or will this be ok for what i'm wanting...!?!
  2001 Clio 172
I'd say you could get that or a shallow sub to go under a seat but as far as im aware they are both gona be poor. Why not get some bassier speakers? I think Alpines are better for bass, i always get Pioneer for clarity and a proper sub.

Or remove the rear seats and then you have plenty of room for a sub and your work stuff :D
alpine are for clarity not bass.

you will get an improvement in the level of bass which will make a massive difference compared to what the q-131c speakers can reproduce
i used to have an alpine swd 1600 in my clios years ago and was enough to add that bit missing from the system
  2001 Clio 172
I mean more bassy than Pioneer. From what i've heard like. Bass from a good sub is great though, you won't match it with speakers. So i suppose you have to either find space for a proper sub or do without?