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Courtesy cars

My car goes in for work on monday, and i am being given a 1.2 16v clio. Is it the same with all reno dealers or just the one i went to? there was a V6 in at the time and the guy said even he is tootling along in a 1.2. I was trying to blag a 172! any ideas peeps?
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Have you said ur seriously considering a 172 when the new Reg comes out, but would have to drive one for a while?

Usually only works for older people but keep a straight face and hell start to smell the commission. ;)

dont see them using a 172 as a loan car to be honest, most garages will have a small fleet of cars for loan car purposes which will normally be the lessers models which they then sell on at a reduced price when they reach a certain milage

i havent used it as a loan car but a 24h test drive, ive can bullsh*t my way in2 most things, ive had a 172 and a new megane 1.6 16v from renualt both which i have been pleased with

suppose you can only try but if its a monday morning and you get a salesman who things you are blagging and wasting his time you may get shot down in flames, worth a try tho

our lot are grumpy anytime but first thing monday nobody wants to be at work especially if theyve been out getting drunk all weekend and feelin tired or rough



Most dealers dont have a 172 in stock, never mind one to test drive. Apparantley only certain delaers can sell new 172s so most dont have 172s for demos. In the northwest there is only Arnold Clark and the Renualt Grp that can sell 172s and espaces!!!

Quote: Originally posted by boyracer666 on 19 March 2003

say u r considering one 2 buy, can u have the car for the test drive 2 get the feel of the car-ive done it
I did this and got a mk1 172