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CPU help - info needed

  Dirty E91
Looking to upgrade my Sempron 3100+ (754 socket - yes I know!) to a Athlon64 3400, having looked around there seems to be a few revisions, clawhammer and Newcastle cores, 512Kb or 1Mb 2nd leverl cache etc.

Basically hoping hoping someone on here will be able to give me some info to point me to the better chip.

Reason I'm sticking with the 754 socket is that I son;t want to spend alot upgrading and I can do everything I want, internet and BF2 ok.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
Can you easily obtain an Athlon64 754 any more? I only thought the mainstream availability on 754 socket CPUs these days were on the Semprons anyway?

  Dirty E91
There's Athlon64 3000, 3200, 3400 and even 3700's floating about on Ebay.

Online stores are only selling the a couple of the 754 Semprons now that AM2 has come in.
  Clio 172
Just upgrade to 939 socket now ! it will save you money in the future !

You can get a A64 3800 dual core and an asus sli mb on ebuyer for 170 quid, could probably get it cheaper if stay you with and agp instead of pci-e or even stick to the 3400, but I wouldn't do it as pci-e are much cheaper, as your probably already aware dual core is the way forward
  Dirty E91
Trying to avoid the hassle of changing mother boards and the like, you get into new CPUs and mobs then you need new a new graphics card and memory, double what I was looking to spend.
  Clio 172
Clart said:
didn't u used to play for coventry city?

I wish ! the money would be nice ! Think I play for some Scottish club now ! Think I will change to a nick name as your the 3rd person to mention that :D