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Craggy vs swift gti clip

wOO Hooo!! The Swift seemed to give some hassle up until the 3rd/4th gear change! Out of a roundabout?

I guess that was in the VTS?
  320d M Sport

.. and Craggy, where do you manag to find all these people to race?? Must be boy racer country near you??
  mk2 172

he he, my mate has a swift gti, engine was tuned up by the previous swift enthusiast owner ,reckons it had 147 bhp, i was sceptical so i laid down the challenge, he thought hed beat vtss. lol, i was casual and still roasted it, let him go first, bouncing off the limiter, and sucked him in in second then left it in third, not so sure it can whoop a vts now methinks
  BMW 320d Sport

lol another scalp then Craggy! Have you thought of having like silhouettes of all the cars youve beat down the side of your door with a cross through each one? Like a WW2 fighter pilot!
  mk2 172

by the way its chipped, zorsted, sealed custom induction kit andi think he said headwork but i dont know exactly what. but 147 bhp was the previous owners claim lol
  320d M Sport

it actually looked pretty quick to me, remember the VTS is no slouch! U still roasted it tho mate ;)

LOL there was a Saff Cossie for sale in our local ads paper for £3500 with 500bhp! I couldnt help but call because it seem insanely cheap, I asked the guy about the mods, he said a only chip and S/S exhuast done by the previous owner - who sold it claiming 500bhp - ROLFLMAO. I didnt have the heart to tell him..

147bhp is a lot for a 1.3 litre engine. The standard engine is rated at 100bhp. Thats the equivalent of a 172 getting 260bhp from similar mods. Methinks not sir!

Ive heard that they dont respond well to the traditional breathing and chipping mods - and that advancing the ignition is the best thing for them. Still, doing that wont give 147bhp, something I think Craggy just proved as a Swift with 147bhp should have really been a VTS-killer. That car didnt even put a good fight!

Nice one craggy, seems like you changed up from 1st to 2nd too late....limiter cut in about 5 times!

It would have been a bigger scalping if you knew how to change gear!;):)

.....(only kidding):D
  mk2 172

lol yeah aaron, i was being lazy cos that was the second race i and i knew id whoop him, no way did it have 147 bhp, with 120 it should beat me! dont weigh much do they!