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crappy radio reception

Hi all,
Got an Alpine aftermarket HU (7998R) and radio reception is poor for either 'local' radio stations and Radio 1. However crappy radio 2 and other Terry Wogan specials are okayish. I've checked fitment in the dash area and also done the clean the ariel mast and fixing point but still no better.The radio reception was similarly poor when the stock unit was in place (2 months ago), does anyone have any suggestions??

Cheers Jamie
Check the continuity of the aerial,you may have a break in the line,or more commonly someone may have damaged the aerial end which attaches to the radio
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mine seems to be affrected by the weather, as stupid as it sounds. Summer it was fine, now the rain has come its sh!t!


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rubber seal on the ariel base i bet, seems to happen on the cars with the larger ariel base, dont know if they changed them after a certain age etc but my 53 plate has the larger one and none of my others did (51,02,03 plates) and the rubber seal is all fucked on it
on the end where the radio connects up or at the roof end?if radio end you can either crimp on a new aerial end or purchase a replacement cable with end fitted and route it from aerial on the roof and all the way to the radio
Mine was shocking too but I did 2 things that sorted it; got a new aerial mast and also checked and secured the connector that connects the roof aerial wire to the stereo aerial wire (it's just behind the bootlining on drivers side from inside the boot by where the parcel shelf hinge and rear seat meet)


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Yep, in my old Cup, i too got a new ariel/lead, not that expensive either!
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What else can i do, i have replaced the HU, the arieal wire that goes from the back of the HU to the roof and replaced the actual arieal, what else can i do as its still rubbish reception
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I did all this mate, in the end I got DAB, which is great, but the analogue is still shocking.

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So you've replaced HU, Wire and aerial itself??? and its still s**t??

What aerial did you use as I used one of the smaller civic ones and they were s**t!


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have you gone back to the std headunit since you've done all the swaps with parts?