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Crash logging on modern ECU

  Renault Clio RS 182
This is purely for my own interest rather than solving a problem I have.

Like a lot of us on here my Clio 182 is old and has relatively limited recording facilities on its ECU... compared to a modern vehicle. Having watched a crash repair of 70 reg Range Rover on youTube [where all the air bags were deployed], I was intrigued to know the situation with the ECU. I figured it will have recorded this... along with probably a whole host of other data - date/time it happened, g-measurements for impact etc... but I'm not sure. Also, the guy repairing it said he was going to clear all of this from the ECU before he sold it on. I was surprised to learn that the 'black box' data from something like this was eraseable.

Maybe somebody who has something more modern... and/or works on them for a living might be able to educate us.