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crash update report


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  Lazy v8

well most of u know that some stupid bloody woman tryed to kill me on thursday just gone and my car is upset still ne way i called me insurance company and they are sposed to be sending me a form through ne way i got a message on my answering machine today from a accident repair company which deal with claims from her insurance company and she has admitted its her fault and they will repair my car free of charge and will give me hire car.

all fine and dandy you may think

ne way call them back to conferm it all etc and they say how long u bin driving i say oh 5-6 months they say ha sorry cant give u hire car then !!!!

cos i aint bin driving long nuff and there hire company wont insure me and ill have to find my own way to work ETC im soo pissed off i work like 20 miles from my house there is no regular buss service and taxi would be 40-50 quid a day !!

not trains no nuthing

i dont know what to do my mum said if needs be she will take me in but its just so much hassle and mums drivbing scares me and we just end up argueing i cant take the hassle.

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Take a taxi or hire a car seperate and then sue the woman who hit u for loss of earnings! or summit like that!

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im not being funny, but if it were me in that situation i would ring them back and go apesh*t. I would tell them that it was their customers fault and that you are atleast entitled to be put under no incovenience and this means that you should be provided with a vehicle to travel to and from work in regardless of cost. This is the least that they can do, as in no way were you to blame.


I have to say I would insist that they provide you with some kind of replacement car, or threaten them that you will hire a car and bill them for the cost.

Good luck, and Im glad that the dozey b1tch admitted guilt.

who u insured with ???

im with direct line and i know i DONT get a loan car as standard..

however your insurers should be able to point u in the direction of a car hire company and bill the other party....

unfortunately, all my claims in recent years have only involved me and therefore my money

oh when i did get hire cars i had (due to my age)

a cinquentoirnrnwoo (fiat)

and i had a clio 1.4 something or other... that was my first clio....sigh... :)

Its a strange world when an insurance companys credited garage cant get a customer insured for a car they are borrowing!



ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

well my insurance company called tonight and im sueing for personal damage (whiplash) and for being out of pocket because of loss of work and my insurace company said they cant give me car either cos i aint been driving for 6 months i passed my test 2nd june that means 5 months ffs

i might get a hire car from somewhere else then as they said they would compensate me for ne expenses so ill get 1 and charge them for it :)

oh well got some muppet coming out tomorrow to servay the car etc YAWN



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Does your insurance company cover you for a hire car in the case of your car being off the road due to an accident? If so, does it stipulate that you have to be a certain age or that you have to have been driving for a certain length of time?

Have a closer read of what you are actually covered for. Normally you would be given a courtesy car by the garage appointed to carry out the repair or check whether or not you are able to hire a car with the other persons insurer picking up the bill.

Dont be fobbed off, just read through your insurance details very thoroughly.

Good Luck!


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

the womans company said no not been driving long nuff and my insurance CIS said no aswell as its a minimum of 6 months.

im soo pissed right now i really need a car for work and im not prepared todive mine just incase where she hit the wheel somthing is wrong.

cos when i was driving back i kept hearing a rubbing noise so i dont know whats happened.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

call the garage back and say you will be sueing for loss of earnings and/or inconvenience if they dont give you a hire car, and to inform there client of that

it might state you cant have one, but fact is you could get one yourself and claim it back, and it would be cheaper for them to simply lend you there car, than sortin out payin another company

If they tell you to go hire one. Hire a McLaren F1 or other similar super sports car. Then charge em for that!