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creaking noise after springs fitted!?

  Clio 1.2
Hii guys,

Need someone to helo me out...:dapprove:

I put some lowering springs on my mk 2 ph 2 clio.. within a week of putting them on i started to hear a creaking noise like a old door opening. and i left it and now its got really bad.

i went back to the garage and they said it was the ball joint, they fitted that and its still doing it, they said its because the car is too low and the noise is comming from the steering rack. i said is it the bushes and they said defo not its comming from the steering rack. (its under too much presure coz its lowerd) :mad:

The car still has about 25 - 30mm gap till its in line with the top of the tyrer. and there is cars on here alot lower than that!?:S
I thought i would jack my car up and spray everything with wd40. (i mean everything lol)
still hasent worked.

thanks Jack
  Milltek'd clio 182
mines on the drivvers side, and only happens when i full lock to the right. not too sure, keep us updated on your news and how you get on, because i might be experiencing the same problem in the future and i hope it aint the steering rack.
  Clio 1.4s Ph1!
It won't be the steering rack, I put lowering springs on was fine but too high, chopped a coil off each side and now it does it, think the top mount is not on tight enough.
  Clio 1.2
yeah thats how mine started, it was doing it like everytime i turned around.. but then got worse!! try get it fixed before it gets worse coz its rather embarrasing when your car looks smart but sounds like a skip lorry! lol
  Clio 1.2
just been to tighten them and there already tightt.. the noise sounds like its comming from the centre on the car.? the garage said it was coz its under too much strain coz its too low but it cant be coz there is lower cars on here!?