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Anyone know why my gearbox has just started crunching only when its put into 3rd gear? 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th is fine but there is always a slight crunch when its put into 3rd, similar to when it crunchies when you put it in reverse.....

Being the mechanical fool that I am, does this mean that if the syncromesh on my 3rd gear has gone, ill need a whole new gearbox? Please dont tell me this is the case. If this is the case can someone tell me how much I could be looking at?!?

well you have 2 options
1) get your existing box repaired/rebuilt
2) get a second hand box

if you go for 1 then you will have to ring round and get a quote of some gearbox rebuilders. (loads in autotrader)

if you go for 2 then renault breakers will do them for £200. (there are loads in the back of the autotrader)

what was you intending to do about removing the engine and box?

perhaps it would be easier to let a trusted local garage do the lot. they will send your box off to be repaired.

as to cost! unfortunatley how long is a piece of string mate. engine and box removal on a valver is a pain in the a$$ big style!

Ok, heres a tip from me..

this is ewhat we used to do to the rally cars and it usually worked fine !>

At first sign of synchro problems..

Drain the gearbox oil completely.

Fill with ATF - auto transmission fluid.

drive it for 2-3 weeks.. then drain and refil with recommended oil.

Often synchro problems are simply the result of glazing on the cones.. The ATF works, not only as a lubricant, but as a great flushing and cleaning fluid.

try it.. you might like the results.