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crunching sound when braking

As title, i have a crunching sound when braking, like at slow speeds when i apply the brake lightly at slow speed. I can feel it through the brake pedal and its not very nice at all, i've have had the brakes of checked the pads and disks, and yes they're about ready to change, but there is still life left in them. although the pads on the inside have some damage, but still usable.

Could it be a wheel bearing? I'm lost, never felt that sort of crunch through a brake.
Probably the inside ones perished completely and metal and metal.

Please for the sake of other road user don't use the car until you have new ones. You will also now need new discs as well as pads.
Nahh its not metal on metal, as i just took them off...... its only intermittent, like does it when you first press then goes away.

The pads have PLENTY of life in them although they will be changed when disks are changed. Car isn't being used at the moment.
They have plenty of life in them but are about ready to change?

If your brake pads are damaged then they need changing. I'd imagine the grinding noise would go away too
They're is plenty of pad material left (not metal on metal) the, outside ones are in perfect condition actually, however the inside ones have plenty of material but have a couple of grooves in them.

theres not grit or durt on the disks or pads, so thats not the grinding noise!
Nice one mate :), warranty job for me :). Disks and pads i won't ask for on warranty as its where and tear. Already done 2000 miles over the month i owned it.
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What condition are the discs in? Did you check in the inside faces of the discs too? The outer side may look fine through the wheel.
Had the pads out, and i am going to be changing the disks and pads too. I'M not driving the car.

There is plenty of material left on pads. however the rear has a small amount of damage but are safe to use. on both sides not massively bad. disks have life left in them but as a matter of course will be changed.

Just need to get the new abs ring fitted and then get it sorted.