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CS Areas Day 2014 Post Event Thread.


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To start off I would also like to use this time to say a HUGE thank you to all of the people (Reps and non Reps) that have organised or had any input (large or small) into these events across the UK.

The shear unselfish willingness and determination from these people has allowed this first event for CS to not only work but work well and that has not gone unnoticed, every CS admin member has picked up on the effort that has gone in!

I would also like to thank everyone that attended this national event because without people attending the event would be pointless!

After looking through the preparation threads and speaking to the organisers the event numbers where looking very strong so if anyone who has any pictures or anything to say about this event (good or bad) could post them into this thread as that would be much appreciated (start the post with the area event you attended to aid organisation at a later date).

Anyway I will leave people to fill up this thread as I am really looking forward to seeing how the day has unfolded and hearing from people on what they thought about the day.

Thanks again

Dan (CS Admin)
North West Cliosport Areas Day

So our meet was in North Wales, as it's the best area for scenery and driving enjoyment. Our particular choice was Ponderosa Cafe on Horseshoe Pass.

We arrived to find a massive biker meet, which had taken up a lot of space. We did however manage to squeeze in to a corner of the carpark. The weather was fantastic with warm sunshine keeping us all outside and looking around the cars.

A great turnout from everyone in the area made this meet better than most, we had a good mix of cars and it was great to see some old faces and catch up with people.

After some slightly extortionate food, myself, Niall and Adrian headed over to a nearby slate quarry for some photos of the E21.

In all it was a great day, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and got something from the day. We were all involved in a big day across the forum, so thank you all for coming along.

A few pictures from me:






Massive thanks to those that came out to Great Yarmouth for the East of England meet,

However it was a very poor turn out (had 25 cars plus here last year) and then it rained :eek:

The drive back through Norfolk into Suffolk made up for it though.


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Very good photos so far really good turn outs in some areas :) I know the weather didnt help in some parts but at least some people still came out in the rain which doesn't usually happen lol


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West Midlands Cliosport Meet

We met up at Telford Services and proceeded to have a drive out to Barmouth and spent a few hours over there before heading off to the Evo Triangle. Rob was having issues with his car and had his inlet off on 2 occasions...the second of which ended up with the bonnet over the windscreen. I'm not taking credit for the pictures, but want to show my Thanks for the lads who turned up to make this a good day/laugh :)

Just one phone pic from me I'm afraid...


I didn't take many photos either sorry, and as I was in front for some of the journey my dash cam didn't pick you up. I did get the VXR lot that passed us on the way to the Evo Triangle.
I'll post that up when I can be arsed to edit and up it to YouTube.

Said windscreen lol

Just for you @vinp182


On a plus not, just had AutoGlass round to replace my smashed windscreen, I have also beat the $hit out of the bonnet to get it to open and close again.
Just need to find a second hand one in the correct colour.


One more.


As dmallett said, it was a poor turn out for EOE, the people made up for it though, and the drive there and back (The last for my 1.5!).

I wanted to attend both SE and EOE, but timings just didn't work. Only chose EOE as I knew peope I wanted to see weren't going to SE.


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I know it didn't have a great following this time but what I was hoping for was for this to allow people to get a feel for it and for the years ahead it runs it will get bigger and better :)