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Cup 172 Door Pillar Stickers...

  C3 Picasso Beast
Just wondering if someone can put a close up pic up of where the above go on the door pillar?? Bought a set recently and want to make sure I stick them in the right place!! Been looking on google images but can't find a big/close up enough pic to tell.

Also I think it's right but the pair I bought the stickers read the same way so when I put them on my car they'll read in different directions if that makes sense at all?!? Is that correct??

  2016 Audi RS3
Also I think it's right but the pair I bought the stickers read the same way so when I put them on my car they'll read in different directions if that makes sense at all?!? Is that correct??


Yes, there's only 1 part number for the Cup 172 stickers iirc but someone might correct me on that.
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
There isnt a wrong way to fit them really, wouldnt say you need a close up to get the exactly where they need to be.....

for example, have a look at this thread for a general idea of where it goes (yes I know its hard to see):



I've doodled a little pic......try using some masking tape similar to the pic across the bottoms of each window, then measure about 30-40 mm up from the top edge of the tape (as long as its the same on both sides of the car it'll be fine).

If it makes it easier, put another piece of tape horizontal so its top edge is where you have just measured to (so its parallel). Then use the application tape on the front of the sticker to hold them all together and press it down so it is centred to the door pillar and sitting 'along' the top of the tape.

Remove all the tape and stand back to marvel at your handywork!!

Good luck,
As long as you get them in that area & get it straight they'll look fine. I'd not worry about getting each one mm perfect.
  C3 Picasso Beast
Looking good!

Where you buy that from dude?

Also separately has anybody stuck these on the back under the sport badge perhaps? (pics?)

Cheers dude! I know they probably aren't to everyones taste on a Monaco but I think they add that finishing touch so I'm happy :rasp:

Anyone who's bought these before will know I got a bargain and the person selling them refunded me £4 back so I only paid £8 in total! Another set about a week later after I bought mine sold for nearly £50 including p&p...they're fault though for giving them such a s**t listing and title!
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Yes mate as I've got all the other cup "features" on the exterior so thought I'd add that final touch ;)

Would this not be considered "fashionable" on here??

Errrr, no......not fashionable at all really.

I guess its like sticking a 'sport' badge on say a 1.2 dynamique. However if you turn your car into a cup, i.e. have fitted a set of suspension from a cup, removed your air-con/xenons/full fat parts, and have the thinner glass fitted, etc.....that wouldnt be too bad......well you get the idea.

Any true Renaultsport/172 Cup enthusiast will spot that a mile off too, and you may get a little bit of a ribbing on here about it, particullary including other Cup owners.

Saying that my car has a lot of track-look stickering on it, and I get a lot of people who dont agree with it as I dont have coilovers and a stripped interior......but I like it so I dont really give two hoots!

Everyone to their own I say!! If you like it keep it!
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Does look good. Question though. Has your Clio badge been moved lower? Seems lower than mine. Might be my eyes playing up mind

Nope, not moved mine.....the clio badges have a plastic pin on the back that goes through a hole in the tailgate, same on all clios AFAIK. So is a nightmare to de-badge etc....

Will add a pair of new ones to the door pillars on mine, car came with only one side on, and in a semi-unstuck state so removed it soon after getting the car.......are they expensive from the Renault Dealership?
  Freetrack&Monaco 172
The 'Sport' badge looks lower...

The sport badge might be lower actually now I think about it, some nice lady shunted my car from behind in april '08.......they either resprayed my tailgate or gave me a new one so new badges. Not sure which. Was mainly a bit of crumple behind the rear bumper/boot tyre well, which was very well repaired I might add by a local Ford dealership through her insurance!

Was going to be removing it soon anyway, I have the tailgate 'stripe' which matched the rest, and will then add a new 197 style RS badging set over the top.

  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Where did you get those yellow and white stickers for the side and back mate?Any more pictures?

Ebay of all places lol.......I have found a friendly seller who I get them from quite cheaply and he scales them to fit a Ph2 from the original 197 size......

The white set are a Clio Cup sticker set and the yellow set over the top are a Megane R26R stickerset in Yellow/Grey, but I cut the rear quarter 'checker' into individual squares to compliment the white.....

Have a look at:

Added them a moment ago!