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Cup 172 - lumpy/sluggish running and will not rev

  182 Cup, Camaro Z28
hi all, I know similar things have been discussed before, but was wondering if anyone has any ideas before I fork out more money to change parts.

The car check engine emission light started flikering, the car starter to be hesitant and not rev, then the light is on fully. (over a week period)

It sounded like a miss so I've fitted a new coil pack and new plugs... car is no different its still lumpy and will not rev.

The throttle body moves and opens up so I don't know if this means that the throttle body is ok?
I've unplugged each injector and restarted the engine and it makes no difference -> how can I check the injectors?
I need to swap the lambda sensors round but havent had chance to get under the car yet. Does a fault sensor really make the car run poo? The mpg is the same still?
Would you guys clean the TDC sensor or is this only required if the car doesnt run? It runs...but just crappy
I've pulled the HT leads from the coil separatly and the car runs worse.....properly missing and definitly running on 3.... so I actually think the car is getting spark on all cylinders
The plugs in 1 (nearest the timing gear) was nice and light brown (maybe too dry?), 2 was really wet and oily, 3 and 4 were same, bit wetter than 1 but not as crappy as 2. -->> does this suggest an injector issue?

I've already thrown about £150 - 200 at the car to get this sorted and its just the same, I know it's benifitial to have changed the bits I have but I just want it to run right...

  172 cup
The car is in limp mode, before throwing any more money at it mate put it through a diagnostic

Hopefully that should show up any issues
is it oil or fuel on the plug?? oil in the cylinders is bad news. the oil control piston ring should stop that happening. but first get a diagnostics.
  182 Cup, Camaro Z28
thanks guys, was toying with that but lot of stuff about renault not having a clue?

Its the engine symbol light, it says in handbook if it flashes and comes on its an emissions based fault.

Will the car automatically come out of limp mode or does it need something resetting?

It looked a little oily? but wet too, we'd been cranking it and checking stuff etc. Thats why i wondered if it was no1 injector as plug was dry. The car has ran awesome before this and really pulls strong and was always warmed upto temp etc before any kind of revs
  182 Cup, Camaro Z28
well got myself an ELM327 scanner for 25 quid, cheaper than a diag, and it gives P0203 and P0314, and fuel trims are lean, so defo an injector issue. Will report if this sorts the issue :D
  extreme flamer
Are these scanners worth buying mate?
I think I have a similar issue with my 1.2l and the garage I use charge £30 a time (roughly £150 in total now) just on diagnostics, are they just as good as scanners used in garages?