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Cup corrosion



Bah thats just due to granny driving! Some hard braking would get rid of that surface rust straight away. I get that on the rear pads but some hard driving and smoking pads remove it straight away. Nice wheels btw!!! Very clean
  Lots of Alfas

:eek: i know my car is not a cup but looks exactly the same set up and I have no-where near was much corrosion and Ive just hit 70k miles.

Well, 182_blue is just surface rust on the discs - which is instant pretty much when you wet the discs slightly, heh,

iv got a 53 cup and iv been fitting my springs the other day and mine arnt that bad but if i was you take it to a garage or renault and see if its as bad as it looks? as it looks deeper than just on top.

yeh, the rust appeared in front of my eyes as i washed them LOL, i couldnt be arsed to move the car to get rid of it, and i was very mucky

A two year old car that doesnt live next to the sea should not be anything like that IMHO. A bit of a worry really.

Not sure where I stand with Renault sorting them out - id guess theyll claim that its not causing a problem so theres no need to do anything.:(
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dont look good does it.

My bros 05 reg megane has quite a bit of rust already in similar places to pics above.

Dunno why renault dont paint them parts up.

Mines 4 years old and its been by the sea for most of that, looks good as new, nothing like the first pic (its not a cup BTW)

I have a 52 plate cup (19k miles) and ive got quite a bit of rust there.

I even had corrosion on the inside of the front discs (apparently caused by the car sitting on the forecourt not being moved) I took the car back to the dealership and they changed the discs and pads for free :D They said that the corrosion everywhere else was relatively normal.

But if i were you i would let them take a look. It is worth checking out, especially cos the car is reasonably new and is still under warranty.

erm my 52 plate with 76,000 on it doesnt look anything like that...

steam clean it and clean it all up?

  Lionel Richie

its only surface rust, nowt wrong, wire brush and some rocol will sort that, Renault will tell you "no problem with the car sir/madam"