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Cup front lip spoiler

i was just wondering how many of yous cup owners have got the front lip spoiler on there cars i have looked at 2 in dealers which dont and the new one which i have bought doesnt have it either!! the salesman didnt even no it should have 1 till i showd him the pic!!! he says he will look in to getting it for my car which i should get at weekend but was just wondering if anybody else has not had theres fitted?

Theres been a thread about this. Supposedly theyre not fitted in case theyre damaged, though they should be fitted just before you drive away. Once again a dealer which knows little..

Boyskew, the 172 Cup comes from France to which ever port/Teesport/Southampton with its front splitter in a plastic protective cover, usually it is laid on the back seat. When the cars come to get a PDI (pre-delivery inspection), it gets locking nuts, alarm, road tested and general inspection. The cars are then sent to the dealers with the spliters still in the back of the car, reason being transport damage ie. coming off the ship, ramp damage or loading onto the transporters. The splitter should then be fitted on arrival at the dealers.

Thats the fella lee, so have you got one then after all?

Its pish poor that the dealer knows nothing about it , when i bought mine, the chap who sold it to me had already made the mistake with someone elses car so i got lucky cause he knew all about it.


the Cup should never have been sold through Renault UK - they know absolutely nothing about it - phoned Renault Uk numerous times plus my own dealers and they didnt even know damn all about it never mind the warranty friendly modifications!! R-Sport should have sold it............Renault customer service is pants - they need to get people on the phones who know what theyre on about! Upgrades for the 172 Cup to them means "What u mean like sunblinds and roof racks" DOH........................My dealer didnt even know what the front splitter was for - i had to explain before I drove my new car away!