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cup key scratched!

.......came out on that lovely saturday morning to see my shiny cup, looking forward to a good blast, walked around to my door and suddenly felt sick. someones left me a 5 foot long key scratch! what the fU@; goes through these peoples minds?!

does anyone know how easy it is to sort this type of thing, its not dented but its through to what seems to be a white undercoat. can they be touched in or am i talking full side respray. anyone else had similar?

chris :-<

Sorry to hear that mate. Personally speaking im not one who must have the brightest, shinyest car going so id touch it up and get it resprayed when you get rid of it, or have money to burn. It will cost a couple of hundred.
  Golf GTi DSG

If you take it to Renault, itll cost a fortune, take it to a back street place with a decent reputation and itll cost you £100-£150. I dunno whether thatll effect your anti-corrison warrenty though.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Just dont say anything about it. If Renault say its had paint just say it never has and you bought it from them new. Talkin a couple of hundred id say at least. I got loads of paint done on my car for about £250. But it never quite looks as good as new.


  Audi TT Stronic

chips away did an excellent job on my bro-in-laws chrysler neon.. he scraped the front bumper and left about 4-5 4 inch long scratches .. quite deep aswell.

Cost him £130 and you cant even tell there was anything wrong with it.. gave the guy a £10 tip for doing such an excellent job. took him 3 hours from start to finish..

Know how you feel , my last car some little sh*t keyed the whole car all across the boot down both sides and the bonnet , why i do not know , it cost me a fortune to get resprayed. feel for you.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Really winds me up when people do stuff like that. Its just jealousy mate. Cups are a gorgeous car. Why cant people just look and admire rather than be c**ts and touch your pride and joy.

I had my car scratched all down the passnege side the boot and the bonnet they even drew cicleson th epassneger side £350 off a mate to spray the lot!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Yeah try some turtle wax cutting paste mate. then colour magic and autoglym on top. I did that on a scratch and you can hardly see it at all now. If you polish your car as much as I do you will maybe have a few mill of poish protectin it. So just the layer on top could be scratched. That colour magic with the chip kit is gud sh*t!

This keying appears to be getting more and more common :( Soon it will get to a point where everyone will be affraid to leave there cars at night, or when out shopping etc... I live in one of the worse areas in essex (Basildon) and

All i can say ive "NEVER" even had the following :-

1. car broken into

2. car keyd

3. Ice stolen

(hope im not speaking to soon :confused: ) why do people bother doing such things?

if that was to happen to me, i think id start thinking about CCTV or something,

Sorry to hear about your car m8.

I had my car keyed when it was a month old the air was blue when my dad showed me. But mine has gone down to the metal so I have got to have 2 pannels re-sprayed.

How annoying is that!!!!!

had my car keyed twice. one on the door and rear wing.

if i could find them i would blow up their house.......simple as that.

If you take it anywhere apart from Reno, you will loose your warrenty on those panels as far as paint is concerned. Just depends how you feel about that, and if you know a good garage. If you are not happy with the spray with Reno, they will do it again, I know from experience. Bad luck on that BTW.

cheers for the replies guys, a friend suggested colour magic as an option to make it less noticeable which i think ill try for the time being. im partly afraid that if i pay hundreds of pounds to get it done, theyll come back and have another go.

the cctv option is a possibility as a deterrent for future damage, or perhaps a lock up. there are some garages at the end of my street, ill see if i can rent one.

i think people who do that should have their teeth pulled out very slowly one by one then perhaps a chelsea smile for good measure, and then run them over a few times (removing the front splitter first of course!)


Fuing mindless heart bleeds for nice to catch some fekker doing it and then to key thier fu@@ing face.

This is EXACTLY why we bought a £60 we can go to parties and nights out locally without looking out for our Williams every 5 minutes.

Deepest sympathies mate.

If I caught somone keying mine id bite their b*stard fingers off...

That sinking feeling when you see it for the first time...jesus.. I feel for you mate.

Get some CCTV and catch them next time.. Ill come round hungry if you do.