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Cup Knowledge

As you are all probably aware i am picking up my new Cup 2moro. Well i would like to more a bit more about the car, ie what it has lost and anything special compared to the 172. I know about the lighter windows, spare wheel, and no ABS but what else have Renault changed to make it lighter and better (dont want to start and argument with the 172 owners).


no xenon lights, no cd changer, no leather interior, no climate control/aircon

btw I like having all those toys.
  Clio 200 FF

less sound deadening, no split rear seat, no rear headrests or diagonal center seat belt, no side impact airbags, no silver paintwork;)

No abs, no a/c , lighter glass, no heat reflective windscreen, no spare wheel ,no side air bags, no rain or light sensors, no cd multistack, in total 89 kg lighter, lower suspension by 3 mm, wider track by 3 mm, upgraded steering, different caster angle as well, ecu set up for sharper throttle response and a unique colour. i think thats all folks :D

Yup its a new cup, well guys its not got a lot really:) compared to the 172 but i just love the colour and the steering and the torque steer so it sold me. Only 13 hours or so till i pick it up a cant wait:eek:.

Cheers guys

I still have the Cup brochure here from when I was debating whether to get one vs the normal 172. Here are the differences listed by Renault. They dont seem to mention some things - loss of leather/alcantara for example.

Profile 3mm lower

Front bumper with additional lower section

Enlarged rear spoiler above hatch

Improved Aerodynamics and performance

Greater downforce

Great roadholding and control

Revised suspension

Higher front spring rates

Firmer ride

Enhanced dynamic performance and responsiveness

Front track 20mm wider

New wheel rim offset

Greater cornering potential

Overall weight reduced by 89kg

Spare wheel replaced by 2 anti puncture inflators

Air con/climate control stripped out

Side airbags and xenon headlamps removed

Sound deadening adapted

Braking system redisigned without ABS for true competition style braking

Braking power retained, degree of assist reduced to aid progressive braking when driving at the limit.

Front castor angle increased by 3 degrees

Rear track 10mm wider

16" x 7" Speedline Turini alloy wheels

195/45R16 tyres

And for info, they list the weight at 1021kg and the 0-62 as 6.9

has anybody actuallly checked to see if the brakes calipers are any diff?

cause i have head many conflicting observations...

can anybody check?