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Cup or 172

Hey peeps, I got a bit of a problem, my parents are gonna order a 172 or a cup this week, But they cannot decide which.

Its for my mum to use in the week and my dad wants it to use at the weekends...

What do you guys think would be the best idea?

Where would you say the best place to buy from is? He works for renault so we get 18% off from the dealer.



my opinion would be for you to go for the 172.... the cup i think is for enthusiasts, with the 172 theres all the goodies aircon/leather/abs its much safer ...if you get the cup then it sounds like a bit of a waste of a car ... but then again your parents might be enthusiasts .. dont know if u can even feel the difference between the 2 on the road ... but it does come in a nice colour .. hope this helps ..


Has anyone got the cup/ driven it yet cos im going to inherit this car in 2 years time when im 21 and if its much better ill live with out the creature comforts ...

yeah ive driven it i work for overlease and it is very very nice !!
the 172 is nice but got nothing on this, lucky u inheriting it !

Although when I was at the Palmersport 172 day, there was a ClioCup there but is looked a bit harsh inside, foam seats etc......

Yesterday was *hot* in London - I was glad to have A/C......


At the end of the day for the minimal performance increase the Clio Cup gives over the 172 I would definitely choose the 172 as I believe the extras you get (most important being the ABS and the AirCon) are well worth the slight decrease in performance.

Like Arjun said, the aircon yesterday was an absolute godsend!!

you lot r so soft!! to used to your comforts, but then again i would only have a Cup if i was planning on racing everywhere, not very likely where i live with police every 100 yards!!!