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Cup owners - What do you think so far

Just wondering how all you Cup owners are getting on with your cars ?

I am probably gonna order one at weekend pending your reports.


Mine is three weeks old on saturday and now done 780 miles and getting quicker all the time.

I cannot fault the car as it is very quick handles well. Its great at suprising Corsa & Nova drivers as the try to overtake you then you drop it down a gear and leave them on the wrong side of the road with a confused look on there face.

People seam to look at the car a lot, maybe the colour as it goes from blue to purple when the suns out.

I was looking at a 172 and they are a very nice car with all the toys as my mate has a MK2 172 but i like my cars a bit less refined. I found the Cup a bit sharper on the handling with a bit more feedback through the wheel and i saved myself over £2k.

My insurance wanted less to insure a Cup as they said it has less to replace if you crash it. BARGAIN:D

Got mine last Sat, done 650 miles since.

Previous car was a SEAT Ibiza Cupra 16v, a lime coloured one, a survivor of 1500 trackday miles on Konis, Eibach & Yokohamas + strut braces.

The Cup wins, easily. More high end power, more lower down torque, very sharp turn-in, compliant suspension but still with greater allround stability, more grip but still keeping a progressive break-away. In fact, Im having to re-learn all my local roundabouts & backroads, oh what fun!

The SEAT needed upgrading to maximise the handling, the Cup is streets better and Ill probably leave the setup as standard. Some reviews criticise the interior, to me the seats & driving position are fine, better than what Im used to. Anyway, who cares, the car really goes!

Mines mostly all over the road - you need full concentration and awareness all the time - changes your driving style completely - but thats a good thing - you need to build up ur speed slowly in first - spining the fronts in 3rd is fun too!!! 17s needed me thinks Speedlind Turinis in white weighing less tghan teh 16 standards coz theyre pro-formed - theyre what the super1600rally cars use - waiting on a price. Gitting a K-Tec quickshift and performance clutch and Prima 310mm front brakes and 280mm drilled and grooved rears. When the R-Sport package comes out the cage and seats and harnasses and carbon fibre trim panels will be in...........nice! Still not quick enough though.......................yet!

I really like it. Ive had for nearly two months and done 2500 miles. Its really losend up and is a very quick car for a little hatch back!

Quite raw and Im looking forward to putting some new seats in it but as have just spent £2000 on stereo stuff itll have to wait!

When the R-sport upgrades come out itll be a complete riot!

Would I buy one if I was you? Depends what youre looking for...

Raw fun = Cup

Raw fun + leather = standard 172.


had mine 3 weeks, done 1800 miles, and have been out of the country for 10 days, so....

i am just going out for a drive rather than watching TV. :) says it all really


Ive done almost 2500 miles in mine, and find it great fun. Road drivimg can be hard work, with considerable tramlining and torque steer, breaks can lock up easily on road.

On track it proved to be far better than I thought. In the rain it absolutely stonked around, it was fantastically adjustable and very good on the brakes.

I have had the quickshift fitted today, and contrary to some other guys on the board, I have a negative opinion about it. It is terribly obstructive, and only minimally shorter throw, mostly due to the shorter stick, which makes it awkward to reach. Not a good investment in my opinion, although I am aware that others dont share this view.

Driving position is substandard, at least if you are tall( Im 63" ), and I will invest in new seats, again probably track oriented ones, with harnesses. Hopefully I wont f**k up with them...

All in all I am very happy with the car, as I use it as a combined road and track car. Horses for courses...:)

Picked up nearly 4 weeks ago, done 2k miles, brilliant car. Great fun to drive, but does need concentration to drive fast. I find the seating position OK but could be better, and the gearshift is a bit dodgy sometimes. Its a raw car but thats why i bought it and im lovin every minute of it!

Interesting you say about that quickshift as youre the only person not too like it?? Never used one myself in a Cup so hard to say what ill think. Dont think Ill put the cash out for it though as would rather have some neat power gains!

Hope those R-Sport upgrades come out soon as this cash is burning a hole in me pocket!

spoke to the parts department at my dealer he said still no news but hes guna post me a catalog when he gets one so hopefully soon

Right, I have to revise my previously expressed opinion on the K-Tec quickshift mechanism, it wasnt adjusted properly, and now that its sorted I have to say I am quite pleased with it. So I agree with everyone else now.

Heard you bought a Cup now MrGrale, hope youll enjoy it!