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Cup Paint

I have just notices loads of small scrathces on my Clio Cup all over it, some quite deep others you can prob t-cup out.

Its only 3 weeks old, I have washed it 3 times.

I dont have a clue where these scratches have come from, Its deff not me washing it as I take great care of my car. Maybe its a gritter?

Is there maybe a problem with my cars paint, I cant belive a 3 week old car could get this scratched.

I have spoke to renault about a few minor problems on my car and this paint problem they want to see it next Wenesday.

Is this my problem or renaults?

Has anyone else experenced this?



My cup has got loads of swirly type scratches, the sort you get when washing it. Unfortunatley I didnt wash mine, I got someone else to do it and I think they didnt use enough water to lather it up, what with all the salt on the roads at the moment.

Ive not got any other probs with mine at the moment apart from a slight vibration when accelerating.



Hi scott

got the same prob with mine cant really see it in the day light but at night time the car is covered in scratches and swirls..i believe it is something wrong with the lacquer they have is going in next thursday so will let you know



  Shiny red R32

Make sure that you have very clean sponges etc when washing your car, keep separate ones for bonnet, top half, bottom and wheels and if you accidentally drop one, throw it away, because the slightest particle of grit or sand on your sponge, if used on the panels will make loads of scratchy lines and swirls. My car is a year old, gets washed often and doesnt have any scratchy marks at all and I would NEVER trust anyone else to wash my car!

Yep, mine has scratches also. Ita a real piss off!!! Only 3 months old. Also one dent from a shopping trolly!!!

whenever I wash or polish my car I only use the sponge/cloth in a straight line from the front of the car to the back... not in circles.. a valet guy told me to do this... it stops all of those cobweb looking scratches you can get... you will still get them as you are scraping a sponge across the body work.. but at least they will all be in straight line.. so you cant really see them...

Got a deep scratch in the laquer on the bonnet which seems to come from no where. Also got to identical marks on either side of the front bumper, look like some ones attcked it with a two ponged fork. Also bubble in the paint on the wing, scratch on the spoiler, chip on front wing and bonnet. Done 5500 miles though.

Car went in to have tracking looked at, tried twice, said they couldnt take it for a test drive after first setup, even though 3 more miles on clock and MPG way down!!! Second go and tss still crap but cant be bothered to waste my time. Dont want to take it to garage again, dont trust them, asked them not to use air gun on bolts and the women gave me the sh*tiest look. This was at notttingham by the way.
  Tappd'd RS

pearlescent metallic paint is lacquered like black paint - impossible not to scratch it when you wash it! The best thing to use it Auto Glym after you wash it and chamois it - just be careful that its totally clean before you start with the polish!