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Cup sometimes stalls on Start

morning all,

just a thing I have noticed a few times now. My has a bit of trouble starting sometimes. IE turn the key ignition sequence starts, engine turns over, and doesnt kick into life.. any reason why? should I give it some revs when starting (not my ideal choice when an engine is cold - a sure way to shorten the life of it)


What will changing the spark plug leads do to the engine? will it improve the starting, and will it help things generally?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Agreed - they all do it. Always starts second time though. Throttle position makes no difference whatever when you turn the key as theres no cable - its all controlled by the ECU.

What i would suggest is this....

Put foot on clutch, turn ignition to on position and wait a few secs, then try starting the car (foot still on clutch remember) with NO gas, this just injects pure fuel into your engine which isnt what you want.

Pushing the clutch in reduces the load on your starter motor so should help.


When I got my car it was fine, it broke down with injection issues in France which they fixed. Anyway, after this the car would probably fail to start 1st time about 1 in 6 times, always first time before problem so I has some other things to be fixed at Renault (broken seat, rattles, etc) and I told them about this. They ended up replacing wiring harness/loom ? Since then its been 100% again.

TB1 your clutch point is a good one. But I wish more people would get used to doing it more often. It keeps your engine in better condition for longer. Also if you accidently had it gear it stops you flying into the garage door.


Maybe the inmobiliser chip in the key isnt working properly, that would turn the engine but not start it.

Does the red light on the dash go out when you turn the key?

Its happened on both of my 172s, Ive noticed it only happens when you turn the key without waiting for the lights on the dash to come on!