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"custom Door Cards And Speaker Pods"

  MK1 - 1.8 8v - RSi
Hi All

I have recently made some front door speaker pods for the clio, moulded and spayed and laquered same colour as the car, they look great and ive been wondering if i could possibly do it as a side line and a bit of pocket money.

My idea is to make door pannals, door cards, speaker pods and custom sub boxes and possibly move in to full custom boot installs.

Already done a custom boot install on my motor but it was a nightmare so not sure if i want to do another yet.

Just trying to guage interest at the moment, wondered who would be interested and what sort of money i should charge???

Answers & Sugestgions Please!!!!



North Yorkshire Area Rep
  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3
Would you just take measurements and then deliver?

Or would you need the car?
  MK1 - 1.8 8v - RSi
Hi Mate

If it was door panals, Sub Boxes or Pods Etc i could just build them and deliver them, If it was full Custom Boot Install Etc would probably Need the car!!!

Would You Be Interested? What do you think is a Reasonable Pricing Structure?


North Yorkshire Area Rep
  Valver Lookalike Mk1 Ph3
Yeah I'd probably be interested, would obviously would want to see your work first tho.

No idea on pricing tho. Depends on material costs I guess.
  MK1 - 1.8 8v - RSi
Hi Mate

What would you consider having done? For example if you wanted Speaker Pods for the front doors covered in leather what would you be wanting to pay?

Needs to see what people are willing to pay to guage wether or not its worth my time??

  Trophy #473
I had a go at this a year ago, not on here but just local, i maded custom door pods from fibre glass and covered them in a material of choice, mostly leather as im a tad handy with the needle and thred, didnt make much money. I charged £70 for a pair depending on size and material, £70 was the base price. Id take measurements from the car door and tailor them to fit. piss easy, but alot of hastle when u work 9 to 5 for an extra £50 or so a week... if your lucky.
Try it by all means, and good luck if you make a bob or two, but there are easyer ways to make some dollar. trying not to preach, but im sure you know what i mean.

Post up some of your work dude.

  clio 16v
i would be interested in seeing some of your work mate, if you could post the pics up of what you have done, door card wise
I would be intrested in this when I start doing my car next year properly. Can you give me an idea on prices and some pics if poss? (Also would you be able fiberglass the whole dash or rear interior panels too?)