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clio mk3 speakers

  Renault Clio mk3
Hi all ,
I have been looking for a speaker upgrade for my renault clio mk3 dynamique s 2008 (none facelift version ) I have been doing little changes that don't affect the look of the car like chargers buttons (using traction control buttons so they look stock) a Bluetooth kit and a few more... but I really want better sound but I want to avoid replacing the stereo because I know they never look flush and I am not sure if the screen will still work and I know a decent stereo with all the wires to make the controls work won't be a budget upgrade . But I have found some speakers for the front and some coaxials for the back. (
and was wondering if they are worth spending the money on and will I need an amp? If so would the glove box be a suitable hidden location with easy access . I want my car to sound a little better that's all without changing too much and losing any space like if I added a sub. I'm not sure if it's worth replacing the tweeters also should I stick to the component speakers in the front and coaxial in the back or what ? Sorry for all the blabbering and questions I'm new to this forum just need some help... oh and if I do need to change the tweeters what size are they.if any photos are required please ask and I can update asap
Thanks Ash


ClioSport Moderator
An underseat sub is quite a nice touch in the 197’s. The stereos can look flush with the trim quite easily and you’d just need a Connects2 cable to retain steering wheel controls, unfortunately the screen at the top of the dash will only ever display time and temperature however.

I wouldn’t bother upgrading the tweeters unless you go for an aftermarket head unit with more output, there’s only so much stock is capable of. Door speakers are a nice easy plug and play upgrade though and Pioneer are always a decent brand.
  Renault Clio mk3
A sub is something I haven't looked into but I will look into it . Would it be worth changing the stereo or can I get better sound quality without ? I read online that having coaxials in the front is a bad idea is this true ? And what speakers would you recommend to have as those Pioneer ones come with tweeters and if I don't need them I should look for different ones . There is that many different speakers like component and coaxial 3 way and 2 way I'm not sure on what speakers I should be looking into getting . Thanks for the help:)
You will need a sub as your door speakers are designed to run in the Clio door, adding aftermarket components to the front and coaxial in the rear will sound better in mid and treble, but the bass will then become thin and watery

You’d be far better leaving stock speakers in, adding some sound deadening and sealing up the door apertures and an aftermarket stereo, then contemplate a sub, best money you can spend on the stereo and will achieve the best bang per pound
  Renault Clio mk3
If I change my component speakers to Pioneer and my rear coaxials to Pioneer ones then look into buying an underwear sub will this make a heavy difference ? The trouble is I want to keep the stereo and everything stock as I am happy with the look. I know j can hide away speakers behind covers and maybe an amp in the glove box I just want my music to sound that bit more powerful for me and passengers